December 8


As their website states "Certification as a Professional Traffic Operations Engineerâ„¢ (PTOE) is
a powerful demonstration of requisite knowledge, skill and ability in
the specialized application of traffic operations engineering."  I think it also enables one to leap tall buildings in a single bound…

I haven't sat for the exam yet, frankly because it doesn't mean much.  When it becomes a requirement of my clients, I'll pay the $150 to take the test and the $90 a year to maintain the certification.  Minnesota is one of the leading PTOE regions in the country and the certification has crept into a few government RFPs.  I imagine I will take the exam within two years.  From what my PTOE friends have told me, I shouldn't expect to be a significantly better traffic engineer the day the certificate shows up  (will my billing rate go up?).

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Mike Spack

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