Who Says You Can’t Build Your Way Out of Congestion?

I once heard an older transportation engineer say – “of course we can build our way out of congestion, they just haven’t given us the money yet.”  In case you’re wondering what that might look like, below is a photo of Yazahdani Road in Myanmar.  Just a hunch, but that road might possibly impact the quality of life of those living nearby.  Especially at night – look at all of those light standards!

Maybe it’s a good thing they haven’t let us transportation engineers take over the world.  Happy Friday.

Congestion Free Highway - No More Traffic

The Insanity of Yazahdani Road in Myanmar

How that for induced demand?

Source - cyclemoco.com

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One thought on “Who Says You Can’t Build Your Way Out of Congestion?

  1. Mike–thanks for sharing the photo…I’m wondering if this could be considered, “Road of Dreams” and the tag line is…if you build it, they will come!! Thanks again for the great posts!