October 18


Why a traffic engineering blog?

By Mike Spack

October 18, 2007

I didn’t know this until I was an undergraduate in the civil engineering department at the University of Minnesota, but there are actually engineers who try to improve the safety and efficiency of traffic.  This is news to most of the traveling public. 

After a few traffic engineering courses, I decided this was for me.  Improving people’s daily commute is a pretty noble cause.  Plus many polls around the country are showing traffic has surpassed crime as the number one community issue.  Talk about job security!

So why a blog?  There are a lot of traffic questions out there and I haven’t been able to find a central resource.  So, as a working traffic engineer (Spack Consulting and Traffic Data Inc.) with a background as both a government employed engineer (City of Maple Grove) and a consultant, I decided to pick up the torch.  My goal for the blog is to become an interesting and informative resource for developers, engineers, and anyone who has a question about traffic.

  • Maybe this is your calling in the first place. There are a lot of things we need to improve when it comes to transportation. I wish you goodluck in your chosen career.

  • I also agree. Hopefully I will be one of those future engineers who will improve traffic across the nation. I believe that now and in the future, traffic will continue to get worse if enginers do not find ways to improve it. As a recent graduate from the civil engineering department at the University of California at Berkeley, I found out more about traffic engineering and became more interested in the course. I regret pursuing more courses in traffic engineering, but I will not give up until I know what I can do in this type of engineering. My determination and dedication will help me get through the hard times especially right now. To prepare myself I have a pending admission to a masters degree in civil engineering with an emphasis in transportation so I can see how far l can go. I also have been keeping myself up to date with the lastest technology and software that traffic engineers use to improve the safety and efficiency of traffic.

  • I came across Traffic engineering as an undergraduate in Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. Most of the research and coursework has an western point of view i.e. the assumptions are valid in western context. Out here the traffic is far more different and roads even worse. I regret not pursuing Masters in this area but I think there is tremendous research potential and this subject is as interesting as economics.

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    Mike Spack

    My mission is to help traffic engineers, transportation planners, and other transportation professionals improve our world.

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