March 6


photoBack in April I posted that every traffic counter should have a label showing your company phone number and name.

TADI in Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois has improved on that idea.  They’ve added QR Codes and a link on their COUNTcams that leads to a website explaining what the counter is (and that it’s not a bomb).  Below is a snapshot of their webpage or you can go to it here.

I love this idea!



  • Hey Mike. I have to give credit to my 9-yr old daughter as it was her idea to put a page on our website describing what these are and put a link to the website on the count unit. We just took it a step further by adding the QR code. She went with me to check on some units we had out over a weekend last summer for a project near our house. Several people asked us about them as they walked by, so it just made sense. I love how creative kids can be.

    Nice post.

    – Peter

  • Peter – That’s awesome that your nine your old came up with the idea! Mike

    p.s. I like your new website design – it’s very clean.

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