May 4


I share manuals, checklists, and other guides in the RESOURCES section of this blog. Andres Duany of DPZ Co Design and Paul Crabtree of the Crabtree Group shared their following checklist for planning sustainable communities.

C-7 Challenge of Sustainable Communities

1 Connected Walkable | Bikeable | Transit-Ready | Permeable | Proximate
2 Compact As dense as the market will bear
3 Complete Balance of Jobs | Housing | Retail | School | Programmed open space
4 Complex Housing for a diversity of Age | Income | Transect preference
5 Convivial Public spaces that are Safe | Engaging | Accessible | Comfortable
6 Conserving Buildings that are Resource Efficient | Healthy | Durable | Flexible
7 Cost-effective Structures that are Appropriate-tech | Conventional | Repairable

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