April 28


Announcing Roundabout Capacity Analysis Spreadsheet

By Mike Spack

April 28, 2016

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123RF - roundabout - FBLast August, we launched our Traffic Signal and Multi-Way Stop Sign Warrants Spreadsheets. Using a standard Microsoft Excel file, our Warrants products provide you a low-cost, customizable way to review the standard guidelines for traffic control changes.

We are now proud to announce our follow-up – the Roundabout Capacity Analysis Spreadsheet. Also designed in MS Excel, this spreadsheet faithfully implements the processes of the Highway Capacity Manual, Chapter 21: Roundabouts. As detailed in the HCM, this spreadsheet “allows the analyst to assess the operational performance of an existing or planned one-lane or two-lane roundabout given traffic demand levels.”

Ad-Roundabout-Capacity-AnalysisThe benefits of this spreadsheet include:

  • Quick, five-minute analysis of a roundabout with up to two approach lanes and a by-pass right turn lane on each intersection leg.
  • Account for pedestrians, bicycles, and heavy vehicles in the roundabout.
  • Adjust standard defaults, such the lane utilization, critical headway or follow-up headway, according to local factors.
  • Quickly change the roundabout configuration to test geometry.
  • Review LOS, delays, v/c ratios, and queue lengths for each lane, approach, and the intersection as a whole.

Similar to our Warrant Analyses, once purchased, the spreadsheet is yours to customize as necessary for your individual projects.

Screen Shot 04Sure, you too could create this spreadsheet if you had the time. But why go through that effort when the final result is already waiting for you?

Introductory Offer. As a special introductory offer to our loyal readers, you can purchase the spreadsheet for $199 (regularly $299) with the promo code ROUNDABOUT now through May 31, 2019.

Click here to learn more.


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