Introducing Bulletproof Road Tubes

bulletproof_logo_smWe worked with different rubber tube manufacturers this past summer to develop a new tube to use with our Pico 2500 tube counters (as well as all of the other tube counters on the market).  We weren’t unhappy with our last supplier, but wondered if we could do better. We did a lot of testing this summer at Traffic Data Inc and switched over to selling a newly sourced tube at early this fall.

Jeff Bednar at SRF Consulting Group sent us a nice email a little while ago ago about our new heavy tubes.  He called them “bulletproof.”  Of course they won’t survive getting whacked by a snowplow, but we agree with Jeff – our new tubes are bulletproof compared to the rest of the tubes on the market.

So… today we’re launching our new Bulletproof Heavy Tubes!   Here’s a quick video we put together for our launch –

For more information visit’s Bulletproof Page or e-mail us at

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